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207-619-3976 is a dumbest thumb sucking parasite with all the characteristics of a worm-like maggot posing as telescum. I USED THE LONDON ENGLAND TRICK. TOLD HIM I AM NOT A CITIZEN OF THE US ANYMORE BUT KEPT MY CALIFORNIA NUMBER. UNFORTUNATELY YOU ARE PAYING THE INTERNATIONAL RATES, WHICH IS $50.00 PER MINUTE. WE’VE BEEN ON THE PHONE FOR TEN MINUTES, SO ITS YOUR DIME, KEEP TALKING. FOR SOME REASON, AFTER IT HIT HIM THAT CALL JUST COST HIM $500.00, HE IMMEDIATEY HUNG UP. GO FIGURE BLOKE. I SCAMMED THE SCUMMER. Burn em and block these sorry excuses of human beings. The more that posts telescummers here, the higher their cost of doing business becomes. If they have to change telephone numbers many many times because the old numbers got too exposed, it will accelerate their exit from telescumming. This is a spoofed telephone number. This lowlife hides from the law. Pray for him going out of business, getting a huge fine, and sharing a cell with Bubba. Block em Danno.
Spam call. Halfway through a recording when answered.
Phone rings but no one there when you pick up. Some type of electronic noise then I hung up. Another robo-scammer
called back this number... Female answered the call and said that it was the IRS. She asked for my name and telephone number.. I refused to give my name and I stated that for my protection that I was going to record this phone conversation for my record. Female hung up phone.
automated msg left on my phone to call back. IRS.