Japan Phone Books

Dialing code: +81   ·   ISO code: JPN

There are no online White Pages for people in Japan at this time - this is because they value their privacy and also very few people are listed in the paper version. If you know the address of the person and they are listed you may be able to get help from the directory enquiries on 104 from inside Japan.

Yellow Pages Japan in USA

Business directory for Japanese related companies in the USA. Also includes reverse search and zip code search.

Nifty Yellow Pages

Business directory covering over 11 million across the country, searchable by keyword, region and industry. In Japanese. Shows maps and travel info with results.


Business Directory for Japan. In Japanese. Search by keyword (キーワード検索) or location/objective (場所×目的検索) then press the blue search key beside the input box.

West Virginia Area Codes

West Virginia phone numbers have area codes of 304, 681.