Spain Phone Books

Dialing code: +34   ·   ISO code: ESP

Páginas Blancas

Official White Pages for people and businesses in Spain. You need to specify a province - Elige una provincia. Fill in the name of the person or the company Nombre / Razón social and click encontrar to search. Includes basic map links.


Residential Búsqueda Residencial and commercial Búsqueda Comercial telephone listings for Spain, in Spanish. Searches can be made throughout all of Spain or using the drop down options, limit to a certain city.


Business directory for Spain. In Spanish. Type in what you're looking for and click Buscar. To see the telephone number of the result displayed click on Ver teléfono under the listing.

QDQ White Pages

Residential telephone number for people in Spain. In Spanish. Type in the name of the person you're looking for in the box Quién and then select the province (Provincia) from the drop down list. You need to select a province to do the search. Click on buscar to search.

Páginas Amarillas

Official Yellow Pages business directory for Spain. To search for business enter what you're looking for in the first box and then the location in the box Elige tu ciudad. In Spanish.

Maryland Area Codes

Maryland area codes are 240, 301, 410, 443, 667.