France Phone Books

Dialing code: +33   ·   ISO code: FRA

Simple to use business directory for France and overseas territories from La Poste. Location isn't needed when searching - just type in the name or part of it when looking for the company or service. User submitted information and the front page has a real-time info ticker which is interesting, as it shows who has updated their info, joined or has received a call/lead from the site.

118 000

Search for people, businesses and reverse search. In French.

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National directory for people particulier and businesses professionnel in France. Includes reverse search: annuaire inversé. In French.


White Pages for France with a simple to use interface. Type the name in the search box and click rechercher. Provides a map for the result and you can select your location prior to searching if you want - but it's not compulsory. Also offers a reverse search option by telephone number.

Annuaire Téléphonique France

Really simple and fast to use telephone directory for finding people in France. Enter the name of the person you're looking for in nom (you can put first name, last name or first and last name in - it's got quite a flexible search function). You can put the place in Où but it's not necessary if you don't know where they live. Click on rechercher and the results are shown in a list format. Click on the name you're looking for and this will show their full details including a map and who their neighbours are.


White and Yellow Pages directory for France. To find people and businesses use the search options in the white box and for business diretory listings, choose the yellow box. Searches are limited to 43 results and putting a location in doesn't work - it still brings up results from other areas but if the name is not that common then it should be listed within the limit. There is also a reverse search option by number but this takes you to a site which offers a facility to call the number discreetly and find out more - at a fee, so this option is best not used unless this is what you want to do.

Pages Jaunes

Official Yellow Pages for France, including overseas dependencies. In French. Enter the type of business (in French) or an part of the business name in Quoi, Qui, and a geographic location (city, region etc) in Où and press Trouver to search.

Pages Blanches

Official White Pages of France, including the French overseas territories and departments. Search by names of people. In French. To use; enter last name in nom and optionally the first name in prénom. Then enter the location, and press trouver to search. For reverse search (search by number) click on the Annuaire inversé tab and enter the ten digit number.

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