Ireland Phone Books

Dialing code: +353   ·   ISO code: IRL

Eircom is the principal provider of landline services in Ireland.


Business and people directory.


Online directory for businesses and people in Ireland. To search for a person, first click on the "person" tab (just above the find button, top right). Currently you need to click on that person tab before each person search as it gets reset to business after each search. Results can be saved to your own list, which is then accessed with the little unlabelled icon to the right of the person tab. 11890 is currently the only Directory Enquiries service in Ireland to provide a free text-back that includes a link to a map with the exact location of your enquiry listed on it.

Tel Ireland

Mobile based business directory - as listings are not automatically included and relies on submission, this restricts the number of businesses available. Segmented into county regions rather than category of business.

Eircom Phonebook Online

People listings for Ireland - search for surname and location and also businesses. Choose from the Business or Residential tab.

Golden Pages

Yellow Pages listings from Eircom, search for business type and location.

Georgia Area Codes

Georgia area codes are 229, 404, 470, 478, 678, 706, 762, 770, 912.