Uruguay Phone Books

Dialing code: +598   ·   ISO code: URY


Residential and commercial telephone listings for Uruguay, in Spanish. Click on an address in the results to find others in the same building (or select direccion for any address). Has reverse search (Telefono).

Guía Telefónica de Uruguay - ANTEL

National White Pages from Antel, the national telephone company, in Spanish. Enter the surname in Nombre del Cliente, select region (or Todo el Pais for all the country) in Departamento and press Consultar after completing the Captcha requirement (to prove you're not a robot trawling for contact details). The Captcha has been needed in the past but currently it is deacivated so you just need to type in who you're looking for and click enter at the moment.

GuíaMóvil 1122

Business directory for Uruguay - search on service or company name either selecting a department or Uruguay as a whole. Click buscar to search.


White Pages directory for people and businesses in Uruguay, in Spanish. Simple and uncluttered design. You need to specify the Departamento (region) or the whole of Uruguay (Todos).

Páginas Amarillas

Yellow Pages business directory. Type in the service name or company you're looking for and either select the area or choose Uruguay for a countrywide search from the drop down option and then click Buscar.

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