Sao Tome and Principe Phone Books

Dialing code: +239   ·   ISO code: STP


Search the official phone book of Sao Tome et Principe. In Portugese. Type in the name you're looking for (Nome) and then click Pesquisar. Note: the search doesn't work in Firefox and Chrome (among other browsers) - the Javascript search button seems to only work with Internet Explorer. This is a bug that has been around for some time and still hasn't been fixed.

Yellow Pages of Africa

Tiny business directory - less than 25 companies listed. In English and French.

Páginas Amarelas

Directel Yellow Pages for Sao Tome, in Portuguese. Type in who (quem) or what (quê) and then click on Procurar.

West Virginia Area Codes

West Virginia phone numbers have area codes of 304, 681.