Slovenia Phone Books

Dialing code: +386   ·   ISO code: SVN

Slovenian business directory, in Slovenian. Enter part of the business name in the Iskanje podjetja box and press Iskanje.


Business directory in Slovenian. Type in what company or service you're looking for in the box Iskanje and click išči. Information provided also includes company information such as tax numbers, legal status etc. To see the telephone number click on kontakti on the tab relating to the company.

TIS Telefonski imenik Slovenije

White and Yellow Pages for Slovenia. In Slovenian. Enter any part of the name in the box Kdo • Kaj? and put in the optional location Kje? - press Najdi to search.

Mobitelovi Imenik

Mobitel GSM mobile phone system White Pages for businesses and people. Put name in Priimek, ime ali naziv and click išči. Also has reverse search so enter the telephone number in Telefonska št.. Click on Išči to search. In Slovenian.

Telekom Slovenije

Slovenia's offical national White Pages. In Slovenian. Enter any part of the name in the box and press Najdi to search. Click on a name in the results to see the phone numbers.

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