Paraguay Phone Books

Dialing code: +595   ·   ISO code: PRY


Residential and commercial telephone listings for Paraguay, in Spanish. Click on an address in the results to find others in the same building (or select direccion for any address). Has reverse search (Teléfono).

Guías Latinas Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages for Paraguay in Spanish. Type in the name of the company or type of business in the box Ingrese Palabra a buscar and click on Enviar Consulta to search.

Guías Latinas White Pages

White Pages for Paraguay. Includes reverse search (search by phone number) - you don't need the area code. In Spanish. Enter the surname of the person you're looking for in the box Apellido o Empresa del abonado. To reverse search, enter the number in the box Teléfono del abonado. Click on Enviar Consulta to search.

Kentucky Area Codes

Kentucky area codes are 270, 364, 502, 606, 859.