Martinique Phone Books

Dialing code: +596   ·   ISO code: MTQ

Martinique is an overseas département of France. For the official directories use the White Pages or Yellow Pages for France, and enter "596" or "Martinique" in the location box.

Pages Jaunes

Official Yellow Pages for France, including overseas dependencies. In French. Enter the type of business (in French) or an part of the business name in Quoi, Qui, and a geographic location (city, region etc) in Où and press Trouver to search.

Pages Blanches

Official White Pages of France, including the French overseas territories and departments. Search by names of people. In French. To use; enter last name in nom and optionally the first name in prénom. Then enter the location, and press trouver to search. For reverse search (search by number) click on the Annuaire inversé tab and enter the number.

American Samoa Area Code

American Samoa area code is 684.