Montenegro Phone Books

Dialing code: +382   ·   ISO code: MNE


White Pages for people in Montenegro who are customers of the m:tel mobile phone network. Put the surname in 'Prezime, and press Petraga to search.

T Mobile

Simple to use White Pages mobile phone directory for personal subscribers of T Mobile. The only required field is the surname Prezime but you can also enter the city or town (Mjesto (naselje)) or street (Ulica (bez kucnog broja) without the house number. Click on Pretrazi to search. Results are clearly shown with some address info as well.

T Mobile Phone Book

White Pages for businesses and people in Montenegro. Type in what or who you're looking for in Upit and choose the optional area OPŠTINA or town/village MJESTO/NASELJE: and click on Traži. Click on the more info (plus) icon next to any of the results and this will give additional telephone numbers where available.

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