Morocco Phone Books

Dialing code: +212   ·   ISO code: MAR


Beta site for self-submitted mobile telephone numbers from Morocco Telecom Meditel and Wana. In French and Arabic. Really simple to use - just type in the name or part of it and click OK. No reverse search yet. As this is a voluntary submission site it's limited to those who want to be in it but currently there are almost 2,300 numbers on there.

Maroc Annuaire

Easy to use business directory in French. Type in what you're looking for in Qui - Quoi (activité ou raison sociale) and press Rechercher. Options for searching Morocco as a whole or individual town/city directories are available from a list on the left. Also includes reverse search - choose the Par Téléphone option from the left hand list.

Les Pages Jaunes

Official Yellow Pages from Maroc Telecom. Search for the company or category in the box Qui, Quoi and optional location Où and click Trouver.

Les Pages Blanches

Official White Pages from Maroc Telecom. Find the person you're looking for by entering their name in the Qui box and optional location Où and click Trouver.


Yellow Pages for Morocco. Offers a reverse search option by clicking on the annuaire inversé tab. Requires the town or city to be entered. In Arabic and French.