Denmark Phone Books

Dialing code: +45   ·   ISO code: DNK


Yellow Pages for businesses. In Danish. Search by keyword or category and click on søg to find what you're looking for.

White Pages for people and businesses in Denmark, provided by TDC A/S. Type in your search request in Hvem/Hvad and click søg to find it. Includes reverse search by number, maps and route planning.

De Gule Sider

Simple Yellow Pages for Denmark, in Danish. Type in what or for whom you're looking (Hvad søger du?) and where (Hvor?) - although the location isn't required and click the magnifying glass to search. Also has reverse search by just entering the number in the search box. Very similar to the Eniro site as they are provided by the same company.


Yellow and White Pages for Denmark. In Danish. Simple search option with just a name required. Also has reverse search. Includes maps and route planning.


Business directory for Denmark. Type in what or for whom you're looking (Hvad søger du?) and where (Hvor?). Also includes route finder (Ruteplan) and maps (Kort). In Danish. Again, provided by the Eniro group so these three sites are pretty much the same but with different branding.

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