Germany Phone Books

Dialing code: +49   ·   ISO code: DEU

Das Örtlich

Local business directory. In German. Type in the name of what you're looking for in the first box and the (optional) location in the second (needs to be German spelling). Click on Finden to search. Remembers the last location you searched so makes it a good local directory. Reverse lookup (search by telephone number) is also available by clicking on Rückwärtssuche tab above the search boxes.

Das Telefonbuch

Official White Pages phone book for people and businesses in Germany. In German. Enter a name in the first box (wer/was). Optionally enter a place name in the second box (wo). The German version of city names must be entered and the autocomplete assists with this to get the right spelling. Then click the finden button. Reverse search (rückwärts-suche) is also available as an option.

Gelbe Seiten

Yellow Pages classified business directory for Germany. In German. Type in what you're looking for (was) and where (wo). Then click the finden button.


Yellow Pages business directory in German. Type in what or who you are looking for in Suche Nach and then the location in Wo. You will need to enter the correct German spelling for any towns or cities for example München instead of Munich. Reverse search is also available - click on Telefonnummer option above the search boxes.

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