Antarctica Phone Books

Dialing code: +672   ·   ISO code: ATA

The huge area of Antartica is home to a number of people from different countries around the world. They are there for studies and nobody lives there full time. As such there is no specific directory for the territory of Antarctica and if you need to contact someone there you would need to know which research group they're part of at that time and contact them via that organisation. Australia has four bases there as follows: Davis - 10, Mawson - 11, Casey - 12, Macquarie Island - 13. There are 4 further local digits after these regional codes.

Communicating with Antarctica

This is an Australian Government issued guide to contacting workers in Antarctica via telephone, fax and email. You will still need to know extension numbers but it does give a clear outline on the format to use and how to contact people, including those on the Aurora Australis.

Virginia Area Codes

Virginia phone numbers have area codes of 276, 434, 540, 571, 703, 757, 804.