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The guy asked for Melanie the time he called was 342 p.m. the reason he called I have no idea why he was looking for that person and that was not at this number
One time is good. Maybe even twice, the second to go to another employee. But continuing with an onslaught of repetitive autodialing recorded message cold calls. That is a nuisance call.
Matt Malatestinic Remodeling out of Oberlin, PA (Harrisburg). He does not complete jobs he is paid for and has been sued multiple times in civil court. He has used intimidation tactics to make plaintiffs drop their cases.
This must stop! these scammers are reaching children. I called to complain and they wanted everybit of information out of me they could get. Verizon and FCC should stop this immediately.
Childs phone that is texted and called by this scam. Told them four times to stop and they continue on his pre-paid phone