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Caller ID

(414) 629-4282

Milwaukee, WI

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Safe Caller: 0
Unsafe Caller: 3
Searches: 38
Comments: 0
Public Information
Full Phone Number 414-629-4282
International Format +1 414 629 4282
Country United States
State / Province / Territory Wisconsin (WI)
County Milwaukee
Primary City Milwaukee
Usage Type Wireless
Company / Carrier T-MOBILE USA, INC.
Location Map

Primary city of the prefix 414-629 is Milwaukee , Wisconsin. However, this does not necessarily mean phone number 414-629-4282 location. Due to national phone number portability rules, it may be anywhere in the United States.

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Area Code 414 Details
Country United States
State/Province Wisconsin
Major City Milwaukee
Time Zone Central (UTC-06:00)
Current Time 07:02 pm
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